Kitchen Cabinets

Ceiling painted white

Update your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinet painting is the most economical way to completely transform your kitchen. The process and costs are usually a fraction of what it would cost to go through a full gut renovation. In most cases, our clients have good quality cabinets that just need an updated look.

Our process typically takes 5 days from start to finish with all work being done onsite. We can achieve both a cabinetry grade finish by spraying or we can also achieve a “tip finish” that is hand crafted by brush.

In order to achieve a long lasting, beautiful finish on all of our cabinetry projects, we use the following procedures:

Full Site Protection
  • All flooring, counter tops, & appliances are covered with woven building paper and plastic throughout the duration of the project.
  • Our work area will be cordoned off using zip walls made of plastic to contain all dust.
  • Our first step is to thoroughly clean the cabinets from all grease and oils that have been collected over the years. This step is imperative to the overall longevity/ quality of our finish.
Initial Preparation
  • The cabinets will receive a thorough inspection to make sure all dings/ dents are filled with wood filler and sanded smooth prior to any coatings.
Shellac-Based Primer
  • After the initial prep work is completed and everything has been sanded, we start applying the first of 2 coats of Shellac-based primer.
  • In between each coat the cabinetry is inspected for imperfections, repaired and re-sanded.
Waterborne Finishes
  • After all prep work/ priming is complete, we then proceed with the finish paint. All finishes applied are waterborne, which is a hybrid between oil and latex based paint.