Our Story

Big Dog Painting

I was introduced to the painting trade at 14 years old. I started working summers for a close family friend who had a painting company based out of Southern New Hampshire. There was never a dull moment working for that company as I spent much of my next 6 years working any free moment I had. From school vacations to summer break, I was always just “swinging a brush!”

The trade really grabbed me at a young age. That tangible transformation process is what really excited me and still does till this day. So often we would walk into a project that looked worn or tired and by the time we were through, the space was brought back to life. I’ve enjoyed the start to finish process and the gratification of transforming a room, house, or business.

I would take a lot of pride as a kid, driving through neighborhoods and seeing all of the various houses that I had worked on. I remember thinking how cool it was to be in involved on those projects, and it was very fulfilling. In fact, I drive around Boston today and still love looking around at the all of the homes we have had a stake in transforming.

I was fortunate to attend and graduate from the University of Massaschusetts-Lowell with a degree in business management. I enjoyed my time there and met some great lifelong friends, too. I played for the men’s baseball team where we had a lot of success during my tenure. We won a conference championship and made it to 3 regional playoff appearances. But I would say my greatest achievement during my college time was meeting my wife, who was also a student-athlete playing for the women’s basketball team.

Big Dog Painting Story

My fortunes changed after college, graduating in the heart of the most recent economic recession. Leaving school with a degree in management and no “real world” experience left me without many opportunities. Deep down though, none of the jobs I was considering seemed impactful or even enjoyable, so I began to think about what I wanted in a career. I needed action and I needed to feel like I had real purpose.

For my whole life, I have consistently enjoyed and appreciated the work of painting and I knew that wasn’t changing. At this point, deciding to dive head first into creating my own painting company was really a no-brainer. I’m blessed to have had the support of my wife and family along the way. I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today without their support.

Through the peaks and valleys of this 10-year journey, my passion and enjoyment of this trade is only burning brighter. The tangible transformation and bringing a space to life is still what motivates me like no other. I also feel I have an incredible opportunity to positively impact the communities I work in along with everyone associated with Big Dog Painting and that’s hugely rewarding.

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to learn my story and look forward to the prospects of working together!