Reasons to Hire a Painting Company in Lexington

Big Dog Painting is fully committed to delivering a long lasting, beautiful paint job.

Professional Painting

If you’re like many people in Lexington MA, you enjoy the occasional DIY project. It makes you feel good to accomplish something that needed to be done, but the problem is that you aren’t a professional. Hiring a commercial painting contractor can be beneficial because they can also help with residential needs and can paint almost anything you need.

At Big Dog Painting, we understand how challenging it is to find an interior painter who is professional, courteous, and on time. We make sure that our painters arrive on time, wear appropriate coverings, cover the items not to be painted, and do the job professionally so that you are happy with the results.

If you want to repaint the cabinetry, we can help you, as it is one of our specialties. As your cabinet painter, we take the necessary steps to cover the counters and the space around the cabinets so that only the cabinets see paint. Plus, we use the latest techniques so that the paint goes on evenly and doesn’t look streaked. That way, the cabinet looks like new without you having to reface them or tear them out and get new ones built.

At Big Dog Painting, we strive to provide the best service while remaining affordable. As your commercial painting contractor, we listen to your needs and keep your budget in mind. You can have a beautiful new space without having to spend too much. We service Lexington MA, but we also offer our services in Winchester and other locations.

What Our Customers Say

We all wish that we could find a contractor that had skill, business sense, and the ability to communicate. Now a days, finding a person with all of that, can be difficult. Graeme possesses this qualities and more. I have the utmost most respect for Graeme, his character, and the work that he and his team produce. There’s no contractor more honest and caring.
Dustin Ramey